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What you get: PRIVATE Group Coaching Calls from 6 experts 

  • EVENTS | Want to throw your own customer event? Then join Annette Naif, from Naif Productions, a professional Event Planner for a 1- hour Q&A. If Ted X Talks trust her to know everything there is about event planning, then you can, too! Annette teaches others how to become Event Planners both in her own programs and via NYU
  • ALIBABA | The most popular video on my channel is Caitlin’s talk about how to purchase from Alibaba. Caitlin is also an expert in FBA and making pretty much anything look better with Swarovski Crystals. You can also ask her about making wholesale purchases directly from her and how to bedazzle planner clips.
  • KICKSTARTER | Paige from Paige Media Co is not only my professional videographer but also a genius at creating Kickstarter and Indiegogo videos. Even if you’re not going that route, no product sales page was ever hurt by having a Hollywood style product video. 
  • FACEBOOK ADS | Kamila Gornia from Heart Behind Hustle is going to teach you everything you need to know to sell your planners using paid Facebook Ads. How much should you spend, who should you target, what should your ad say, is video better than static images….this is actually a hands-on training session!
  • COPY | Are you hiding behind a voice that sounds like everyone else’s? Do you feel like your descriptions don’t adequately convey the value of your beautifully designed planner? Meet Lauren Vanessa Zink, the word magician behind multiple 6-figure launches. This is a slide-based training program!
  • SHOPIFY | Elle McCann from Curious Themes will be available to answer everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Shopify + e-Commerce: what themes are best, should you pay for a premium theme, which Shopify plug-ins are worth investing in and more! This is a Zoom call so if you want to share your screen and show Elle exactly what tech issues you’re having in Shopify, you can! This is a hands-on business and tech Q&A.

NOTE | Bonuses are exclusive to Boss School students

JUST Added: Vervante Q&A with Cindy

Learn directly from Cindy how to:

  • Print your planners and notebooks with Vervante
  • How fulfillment with Amazon works between Vervante and Amazon
  • How to create gold foil for your covers and interior pages
  • How Vervante can create Tab Dividers for you
  • How Vervante will act as your inventory and fulfillment warehouse
  • And so much more!

Webinar replay available when you log into Boss School – GET INSTANT ACCESS when you enroll in Boss School

JUST Added: WooCommerce Tutorial w/Kristi

Learn directly from Kristi how to:

  • Find + Install WooCommerce from SCRATCH!
  • Add your first product to your store
  • Set up shipping
  • Set up taxes
  • Create your FREE [because WooCommerce is FREE to us] WooCommerce store
  • Connect to your payment gateway
  • Integrate with your mail provider

Webinar replay available when you log into Boss School – GET INSTANT ACCESS when you enroll in Boss School 

NEW Boss School Guest Speaker: FBA Tutorial from Caitlin

Caitlin will be giving a behind the scenes TUTORIAL on how to get up and running with Fulfillment By Amazon for your planners, notebooks and journals!

Recorded and ready for you to watch! 

ANOTHER Boss School Guest Speaker: Jessica Stansberry on Planner Sales Funnels

Jess gave an amazing workshop on how to create a Planner Funnel!

In other words, how to take someone from a one-time pruchase to multiple purchases in a single transaction!

Available + ready to watch!

NEW Boss School Guest Speaker: Emily – LEGAL

You see people using quotes all the time…is that even legal?

Layout Envy

Or maybe another planner company has created a pretty awesome weekly layout design…can you copy it?

I mean, a calendar is a calendar is a calendar, right? Or is it?

It’s not like the other planner company created time or invented the concept of a 7-day week or trademarked the word “Monday”


It’s finally happened – I secured the PERFECT Legal Professional to talk all about copyright when it comes to Planners, Journals, Notebooks… 

Not only will you get all of your legal questions answered, you’ll also get great legal business advice like:


Are they even worth it?

Should you trademark your company name…your planner brand name…your unique productivity methodology…?

Get all your questions answered in today’s BOSS SCHOOL session

Available + Ready to WATCH NOW

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  • Seventy (70+) pages

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  • Stay on track to complete this course all the way through
  • Have someone hold your hand through the course material

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    • Tuesday 2/25 @ 10am PST |Planner Academy 301 Recap
    • Tuesday 3/3 @ 10am PST |Planner Academy 401 Recap
    • Tuesday 3/10 @ 10am PST |Planner Academy 501 Recap
    • Saturday 3/14 @ 12pm PST |Planner Academy 601 Recap

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